Are Essential Oils Essential?

After listening to him make a joke about essential oils, I felt prompted to prove to Bill Maher that essential oils are indeed essential. Think weed, Bill, plants have many ways of making us happy and healthy.   

What is an essential oil?

Essential oil is a very complex collection of plant chemicals. It’s distilled naturally from different parts of the plant. Microscopic glands found in the stem, or the leaves or the skin of the plant hold different oils that help them to defend themselves against predators such as insects and these compounds can be very helpful for human health as well. Some oils can be squeezed or pressed out such as orange or lemon oils. Other oils are released through steam which gently takes the oil with it in the destination process.

What is so great about essential oils?

Essential oils are safe, sustainable and affordable. They are empowering in helping us to challenge health issues with natural oil “medicine” while they inspire us to take personal responsibility for our health. They can also support natural emotional support in terms of stress and sleep. Essential oils can literally dress our bodies in resilience and wellness. 

Being humans, we are so much in one. Our bodies are physical, yet we are driven and influenced by emotional, mental and energetic health or, the lack of it. Essential oils address many areas of our existence and they are here to help and support us, in abundance and in chemical purity.

Why are essential oils so effective? First, these oils are pure nature. Everything in and on this planet is connected. Some things like plastics, fast food or hair dye, may be processed. But everything originally derives from nature.  When we as humans connect with plants and nature through essential oils we encounter a wholesome, healing and empowering solution to small or big health issues. Having spent time on my own journey to health, I dare to say that (my) wholesome health can only be found by connecting to nature and finding wholeness in the unprocessed, unchanged wellness that we can only find in nature. The essential oil can make us feel at good all around, as its properties are designed to nurture and heal us on a cellular level.

Essential oils not only replace pharmaceutical medicine as natural medicine. They can also replace cosmetics and house cleaning products.

With this in mind, it makes it quite easy to refill, reuse, reinvent, and recycle all sorts of containers in which to mix and carry new essential oil-infused DIY products.

Introducing another great planet-saving company is doTERRA. By providing the highest quality CPTG grade of essential oils,  doTERRA is saving our beautiful planet from many different angles.

doTERRA oils are safe for babies, children, pregnant women, people that are receiving medical treatment and elderly. They are safe for everything and everyone. Because nature is abundantly in favor of human well being it has our back if we only connect to it. Sternchen) Please also speak with your healthcare provider while using them as they know your health history and can eventually offer their advice and perspective on the use of essential oils.

Safety Guidelines

Win-win-win situations

What really caught my attention for this full-circle product is the way doTERRA sources its products. By reaching around the world and tapping into the global supply of essential oils, doTERRA developed the Co-Impact Sourcing®. As two-thirds of the countries growing essential oils are developing countries, doTERRA seized the opportunity to truly make a difference and to provide sustainable income to those people who are growing and harvesting and distilling these high-quality essential oils.

Through this business structure, doTERRA continues to achieve  1. job creation in rural areas where they can have a great impact

2. long term sourcing contracts and agreements with their partners . 3. Helping the formation and cooperation of cooperatives that share collective benefits among the growers and harvesters themselves. 4. Fair and on-time payments and even profit-sharing programs that the distillers offer for the growers and harvesters. 5. Linking community-based and social projects funded through the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation they create win-win-win solutions in local communities all over the world. 

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