To the Long Lost Soap Case

It must have been around 1992 when we proudly introduced the first-ever plastic soap dispenser to our bathroom sinks. I remember it so clearly, my Mum even commented on the new gadget when she brought it home with her from the supermarket. It felt like we had upgraded our life to sophisticated and clean and splendidly hygienic.

So, we replaced all soap bars with plastic soap dispensers. It was just the thing to do. A few years later one could even buy a soap dispenser that fluffed up soap foam, especially fun for kids. 

Then, for a time we would refill the soap dispenser with liquid soap which we bought in another plastic container and so millions of these little Mofos (for lack of a better description of one of the most unnecessary things ever invented) ended up in millions of bathrooms all over the world.

Now, after this questionable plastic soap dispenser intermezzo which has now lasted nearly three decades, I feel like hopping right back to good old soap bars.  They simply don’t add to the ever-growing plastic waste pile.

There are great brands out there with no end to variation in color, fragrance, and ingredients. Knock yourself out, here are some of my favorites.

Also, for the traveler amongst you, check out these great Eco-friendly soap cases. I had to search for these extensively as biodegradable variations seem hard to find. Love it!

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