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Sophia Hoffmann Makes Food Value Easy

Sophia Hoffmann is a vegan chef and cookbook author from Berlin, Germany. She also describes herself as an activist as she effortlessly branches out to connected topics such as social justice, environmentalism, and conscious consumerism.

Currently, you can enjoy her delicious recipes at Isla Coffee, a Berlin-based Café focused on a Circular Economy.  Sophia also gives and participates in talks aimed at Zero Waste cooking, food value and conscious consumerism at numerous conferences and workshops.

What I like about Sophia’s work is that she touches on topics that are interconnected. Food waste is a major issue and driving force to the climate crisis we are witnessing. Food production is only possible through the use of invaluable resources such as water, land, and biodiversity. Growing food is labor intensive and eliminating food waste is essential in order to reduce global damage to our environment. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations  “Roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted”.

We as consumers can be conscious of this and choose carefully what we buy, who we buy from, and make sure that we throw no food away – ever. We can also concentrate on package-free food we find at the market, zero waste grocery stores or if we have space, our own pot plants, and garden veggies.  This can be a win for our budget, a win for the planet and as Sophia makes it so easily accessible, a super fun project.

Sustainability and conscious consumerism are top priorities for Sophia in the kitchen as well as in everyday life. Her newest cookbook, “Zero Waste Küche” was launched in February 2019, following the success of her first cookbook “Sophias Vegane Welt” in 2014,  and her YouTube Channel “Vegan Queens” which was launched in 2015. As if not busy enough, she released her second cookbook in 2016 which features 10 vegan dinner menus while featuring 10 female-run gastronomic businesses. And lastly, Sophia’s Vegan-Queens-Podcast (in English and German) covers inspirational interviews with female entrepreneurs. English translations of her books will be out shortly.

Check out her books here:

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