Precious Plastic’s Precious Gift to our Planet

In case you haven’t heard of or read about one of my favorite initiatives, I feel excited to introduce to you Precious Plastic.

Founded in 2013, this group of creatives based in the Netherlands provides open source machines, tools, knowledge, and infrastructures to transform plastic waste into valuable products.

Their vision is to boost plastic recycling worldwide.

The bottom-up approach aims to bring Precious Plastic technologies and knowledge to everyone, for free. The machines empower people around the planet to start recycling plastic and create new financial value from this ubiquitous free resource – plastic waste.

The machines and workspace are specifically designed and developed using universal materials and basic tools that are available all over the world. Modular design allows users to adapt the machines to their specific contexts. Blueprints, detailed instruction videos, and the download-kit provide the basic information people need to build their own machines and start a micro plastic factory, anywhere in the world. Entrepreneurs across the world can set up small scale productions to create valuable things, beautiful products, new raw material, clean up their neighborhood and start their own business.

“It’s not tools, machines or technologies that will fix our plastic problem. It requires a shift in our mindset to see plastic waste as a valuable resource.” Dave Hakkens, Founder 

Precious Plastic’s Version 3.0 version empowers even more people to start manufacturing from plastic waste, creating small local economies around products created from plastic waste.

Precious Plastic teaches people everything they need to know to become a plastic recycling master. 

Key new features are:

1. Recycling container. Precious Plastic fitted a plastic recycling workspace in a 40ft container so all you need to start recycling is a 380v plug and a bit of land. Blueprints and video tutorials on how to replicate the container are available online for free.

2. Bazar. Is an online marketplace to buy and sell Precious Plastic products, parts and machines to create plastic recycling local economies around the world. The Bazar allow people in, say, north London to buy recycled products like a bowl or a phone case directly from people making it in, say, South London from used milk bottles they themselves bought from a cafe collecting their waste in central London.

3. Map. A tailored map to make local collaboration easier and more effective across the Precious Plastic network of people. The map allows people with, say, a space to meet people in their city with, say, engineering skills or capital to begin a plastic recycling workspace. People can collaborate promoting, funding, collecting, building, helping, selling and much more.

4. Video tutorials. Precious Plastic has added +20 video tutorials to teach people how to become masters of creating from plastic waste. People can now learn how to make bowls out of DVD cases, an iphone case out of cups or even build a whole container from recycled plastic.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people around the world are using Precious Plastic to recycle plastic waste into new products on a daily basis. Take a look at their work at #preciousplastic.

However, the amount of plastic waste on our planet is massive. To tackle this problem, Precious Plastic launched version 3.0 to increase the worldwide adoption and scale rapidly of the number of people using their technologies to recycle plastic waste.


Precious Plastic was founded in Oct 2013. Read more on Precious Plastic here: Business Insider, Upworthy, Dezeen, Wired

To date, there are 200+ early adopters that are recycling plastic waste using the Precious Plastic bottom-up solution. All over the world in Korea, Mexico, US,  Australia, Japan, UK, South Africa, Indonesia, US, Cambodia, China and many more (see all of them here) Precious Plastic recycling stations have been popping up.

Precious Plastic has won numerous awards (Impact Award, Eco Coin, Social Award Eindhoven and more)


Email: hello@preciousplastic.com

Twitter: @davehakkens

Hashtag: #preciousplastic

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