Plastic Punch

The Plastic Punch project is a Ghana-based NGO that is raising awareness about the dangers of plastic for the environment, wildlife, and humans, and provides innovative and income-generating waste management solutions to the local population. Starting in Ghana, Plastic Punch is spreading across the  African continent.

Plastic Punch was created by an international team (co-founded by a dear friend and former colleague of mine) of talented professionals, passionate about protecting the environment, with experience in biodiversity conservation, marine pollution, and international relations.

Local communities, including children, are involved in the beach clean-up, as well as educated about the methodology and benefits of the waste collection.

The Plastic Punch team has also involved and collaborated with the Ghanaian government and the Accra Municipality to bring forth innovative waste management techniques throughout the country in order to create income and employment through sustainable waste collection and management.

Even though local recycling facilities do exist they are often either out of use or not fully equipped to cope with the amount of waste produced by the country in a sustainable way, which results in waste piling up in cities and being dumped on beaches and in the ocean.

Ghana has a rich flora and fauna and is home to marine turtles, highly endangered species, that come to its shores once a year to lay their eggs. As proven by turtle monitoring sessions conducted by the Ghana Wildlife Society and the Plastic Punch team, the amount of waste on the beaches directly harms the turtles, as they nest amid considerable amount of plastic waste, and die by ingesting plastic waste on the beach and floating in the water.

Plastic Punch is a perfect example of the big change that even small initiatives can bring. Check out and support their valuable work here.

Let’s punch some more plastics for people and planet !!! See you tommorow at 7am inside Alliance Française d'Accra8:30 am at Coconut Pointe Beach Resort !!! #SDGS 🅿️🥊💫

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