Otter Surfboards – Surf On Wood

Otter Surfboards are carefully manufactured in Cornwall, UK, by James Otter and his team of woodworkers and surfers. Wooden surfboards stand separate from the vast majority of petrochemical-derived surfboards as they glide smoothly and gracefully through the water. Otter Surfboards are designed and handcrafted to last. They also look beautiful showing the grains and natural patterns within the sustainably sourced, local timber. These hollow, skin and frame wooden surfboards not only are superior in quality and duress, but they also cause no harm to the planet.

Since the first wave riding tools were constructed, wood has been used as material. Otter Surfboards strive to find the perfect match of best old and new: Traditional materials and techniques with modern refinements and construction methods.

For surfers out there that need a new surfboard yet don’t want to add to the plastic floating around you in the waves,  this is your solution. Buying a wooden surfboard solves your moral dilemma and offers a splendid ride on the waves.

Otter Surfboards also offer other products such as Paddleboards, Bellyboards, as well as Workshops to make your own surfboard. Check these out here.

Tealing from Otter Surfboards on Vimeo.


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