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A Quick Look At Life Before Plastic

I remember my Grandpa telling me how back in the day he would collect the week’s trash to compost and burn it in his backyard. From a bird’s eye view looking down onto his mid 20th century New Zealand suburb, you could probably see trash-burning smoke rising up from each backyard in the neighborhood on any given Saturday morning. Food was wrapped in butchers paper, medicine bottles were made of tinted glass. My grandmother, a seamstress, sewed clothes with natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. Leather or canvas shoes and bags were easily repaired when torn and most families grew their own vegetables.

Low-Impact Living

For me there was no controversy in Grandpa’s story. Plastic had not yet become a household name and people’s lifestyle (for the most part) back in the fifties and early sixties made low-impact, plastic-free living easy as people shopped locally and the milkmen delivered and collected glass milk bottles to and from their doorsteps. In most areas of life, the full-circle of recycling hadn’t yet been broken.

Of course, many things have changed in over 70 years. And, thank goodness, much for the better. There is one issue though, I wish we could turn back the time on and freeze – the evolution of plastic finding its way into everyday life. It’s everywhere. In some places, such as hospitals, it probably should remain as people’s lives can depend on it. In many other areas, however, we simply don’t need it.

Precious Plastic

Not to say plastic isn’t precious. Plastic is so precious it has the potential to last for more than 50 lifetimes. Plastic has benefited medicine, travel and many areas of our present and future greatly. Why is it that we use such precious material wastefully?

We have misplaced it and let it infiltrate the natural full-circle earth to earth cycle. Single-use plastic bags, straws, toothbrushes, utensils, and Q-Tips stick around forever. Many plastic products cannot be recycled. According to studies published by National Geographic, only 9% of plastic in the world has been recycled in the past six decades. Plastic ends up in landfills and the ocean. This groundbreaking, super practical solution, is now killing our oceans, our soils and intoxicating our bodies as microplastic.

But wait!

We, as consumers simply do not need plastic wrapped around our everyday products. It is not essential for our food and other goods to be ‘safely’ protected by plastic. This is a habit we are capable of breaking. By being conscious about the products we choose to buy, we can become conscious consumers and make sure that we find our way back to a full-circle cycle again.

There is hope and this is why you’re in the right place! Welcome : )

One Purchase At A Time

Thanks to so many wonderful and creative people around the globe, we can now access partial and fully environmentally sustainable solutions for most products we need for everyday life. In many ways, all we need to do is roll back time and be inspired by pre-plastic, not too far away times.

As consumers, we can also choose to #refuse, #reuse, and #recycle. If we do, however, need or wish to purchase items, let’s focus on products that are a win for the planet, a win for us and a win for a sustainable future on this beautiful place called Earth.

One purchase at a time, we can support companies that are mindful of the environment and our health, which is entirely connected. Many businesses are also mindful of not only not harming fragile ecosystems, but they also give back and create even more positive change with their earnings.

We Do The Research For You

This platform is for those of you who may not have the time to research low-impact products and also don’t (yet) have an eco-friendly local store nearby. This site can be a time and fuel-saver for you. You’re just a few clicks away from amazing products that will make you and the planet happy.


Here at ishopnsavetheplanet.com, we offer an ever-growing collection of alternative sustainable products, so that all you need to do is pick and choose. Take a look and see what we have for you. It’s fun to make a difference – one purchase at a time!

For further info on how we became a plastic planet, check out this great video by the Plastic Pollution Coalition


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