HAY! That’s My Straw

Did you know that every day, around the world, we use more than half a billion plastic straws? If we don’t switch ASAP, by 2050, there will probably be more plastic than fish swimming in our oceans … wait no more and #refusethestraw.

Here are 6 reasons why HAY! Straws are one of my favorite solutions to plastic straws.

1. HAY! Straws are made of 100% wheat, which in this case, does not contain gluten and safe for those with gluten intolerance.

2. They are 100 % compostable. Simply throw away the straws in your compost bin after use.

3. By buying their wheat mainly from small scale farmers, HAY! Straws support local, fair economies and sustainable wheat production. The less residual waste, the better. It’s a win-win!

4. Minimal processing. Compared to paper straws which are pulped using chemicals, HAY! Straws are 100% natural. Once harvested, the wheat is cut to length and then rinsed thoroughly three times in sterile water to remove dirt and bacteria. Chemicals are never added.

5. HAY! Straws are packed in eco unbleached kraft boxes that use soy-based inks. All communication materials are printed on sustainably recycled and FSC®-certified paper. And of course, all HAY! Straws come in plastic-free packaging.

6. Whether you are looking for cocktail or milkshake straws – HAY! Straws come in different sizes.

Another bonus is that HAY! Straws offer special discounts and deals for wholesale. Check out this awesome planet-saving product here.


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