Dedicating International Women’s Day 2019 to Greta Thunberg and Rosa Parks

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine on March 6th, 2019,  Greta Thunberg mentions the first woman to impact her was Rosa Parks. The example of one person taking action and changing the course of history inspired her to do the same.

And so sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg from Sweden began to strike school on Fridays, painted a protest sign and sat in front of her local city hall. The first time she went on the school strike was on August 20th, 2018 asking “Why should I be studying for a future, that will soon be no more. Why would I be learning facts, when the facts given by scientists, are ignored by leaders and politicians?”

Her message resonated, and other students soon joined her. Greta Thunberg, along with her fellow students, demands that Sweden align its policies and regulation with the Paris Agreement. Until this happens, #FridaysForFuture strikes will continue.

Meanwhile, merely 9 months after her initial solo school strike, massive strikes are happening across the globe and a large group of Politicians is reacting positively by applauding students for actively getting involved in democratic processes. Let us hope these politicians do the same and take action at their earliest convenience.

Greta Thunberg also states facts when she speaks. Facts we are so keen to ignore. She mentions that we are running out of time. While we are still hesitating to take action on the crisis of climate destruction, 200 species go extinct every day and CO2 emissions continue to rise. 

She concludes her message by saying that we cannot progress going by the rules, as the given international rules and regulation do not prohibit fossil extraction, mass meat, and dairy production and consumption, along with most of the climate change driving factors.

Greta Thunberg implores that there is only hope if we take action. Not until we all, as individuals and together, take action, there will be a reason to hope.

Listening to Greta Thunberg speak is like being pushed by a driving force in the right direction. There is truth in her message. A truth that cannot be bent or diluted. This truth is, that we only have a number of precious years before we have pushed the planet too far.

We need to take action today. Let us all together choose the right direction to push in. Let’s halt climate destruction and push towards a greener, brighter and healthier future. 

Rosa Parks brought forth a massive change for racial equality in a time where many doubted this was even possible. I am sure this also applies to Greta Thunberg.

We can be a part of this movement, every single one of us has a huge potential to bring forth much-needed change.  Let’s get started!

What would you like to get started on? Please leave questions, comments, and ideas in the comment section. Cannot wait to hear your feedback!

Check out the ways that you can take action in your everyday life starting from now by clicking on the links below:

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Job One For Humanity (US)

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Greenpeace, WWF, United Nations, European Commission, Oxfam

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