Ecosia – Plant Trees While You Search the Web

Ecosia is a search engine that uses its profit from your searches to plant trees where they are most needed. With the free browser extension and the Ecosia APP you automatically plant trees with every search.

Trees make for a happy environment, healthy people, and strong economies and Ecosia is planting trees all around the world. The more we use this search engine, the closer we get to saving our planet.

Ecosia finances and coordinates an ever-growing list of projects which seem like all my dreams are coming true! However, compared to the mass destruction of valuable biodiversity around the globe (National Geographic), it’s more like a race against time and we need to see Ecosia’s work grow more rapidly than ever.

And it is SO EASY, all you need to do is browse.

This is what Ecosia has been working on so far: Restoring Ethiopia’s Watercycle, Reforesting Volcano Slopes in Nicaragua, Supporting Europes Diversity in Spain, Restoring Ghana’s Watershed, Planting Trees in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania, Coffee for Peace in Colombia, Re-Greening the Sahel in Burkina Faso, Creating Corridors for Chimpanzees in Uganda, Protecting the home of the Orangutan in Indonesia, Empowering Women in Kenya, Food Security Through Tree Planting in Haiti, Trees for Healthier People and Forests in Indonesia, Restoring Watersheds in Brazil, Restoring the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil, Restoring Coastal Forests and natural Corridors in Madagascar, From Cocaine to Cacao in Peru, Development through Re-Forestation in Morocco, Restoring Mountain Slopes in Peru, Trees for Climate Resilient Farming in Senegal and Providing Alternatives to Palm oil in Indonesia.

Other perks of surfing the web with Ecosia are definitely worth mentioning.
Privacy is a big one. They don’t store searches permanently, nor create personal profiles on people based on their search history and actually anonymize each search within a week.
Unlike all other search engines, Ecosia doesn’t sell your data to advertising companies and even encrypts searches so that potential stalkers cannot sneak a peek on your web searches.
Most websites use external tracking tools, like Google Analytics, to optimize their services. Ecosia does not use third-party trackers. Ecosia collects only a small amount of data to be able to improve their services. If you want to opt out of tracking, you can activate “Do Not Track” in your browser’s settings.

Ecosia good to be true? Absolutely not.

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